Auditing seems so easy. You start a conversation with someone, make the conversation a few minutes and that was it. But is that actually what we should expect from it: your discussion partner, your colleagues and the organization? Nobody can benefit from a conversation without substantive value, so that is not auditing.

Various management systems, such as quality, environment or health and safety management with their own ISO norm and standards require substantive audits. To get good audits you will have to perform audits where you know what you are doing and that is only possible if you are (demonstrably) trained. That way you know what to look for, you know how to plan, conduct and record the audit. The human side should also not be underexposed. In addition, internal audits are often more difficult, although many new auditors think that external audits are more difficult. Asking critical questions, ignoring hierarchical relationships and collegiality requires trained auditors. It is of great importance that everyone within an organization knows what is going on with an internal audit. The student learns to take these aspects into account when obtaining the Internal Auditor Course Certificate. The ManagementInfo Academy course meets the requirements that the ISO standard of an internal auditor requires.