About the E-learning Internal Auditor

Will you be a certified internal auditor soon?

The Internal Auditor Course covers various topics such as the necessity and purpose of internal audits and the preparation, implementation and reporting of audits. We also look at communication skills. After following this audit course you will be able to conduct internal audits and you will be aware of the issues that require your attention. After following this course you will have the right basic knowledge and skills for a substantive internal audit. A practical training, with which you can immediately start as an internal auditor.


For whom?

The course is suitable for team leaders, managers and managers. No prior education is required.

After participation you will receive the certificate from Managementinfo Academy.



Costs: 199,- per person
Included: Course modules, background information, checking your answers by a specialist, Certificate


After registering for the course you will receive confirmation that you have registered for the course. After payment you can immediately download the course letter to start the course. Don’t forget to send the course letter to the other participants.

Recommended? Definitive! The course has already been followed and appreciated by many students. We cannot make it easier.

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