E-learning Course
Internal Auditor

Internal audits are indispensable for every organization. It ensures that the organizational machine continues to function. In this course internal auditor attention is paid to the technique of holding conversations, the structure and structure of holding internal auditor, but also extensive attention to conversation techniques.

About the course

The E-learning Internal Auditor Course covers a large number of topics such as the necessity and purpose of internal audits, the difference between functioning and assessment, the approach and set-up and interview techniques …

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Via the above menu you can go to the secure environment of the course. Enter the Login Code as stated in your course confirmation. Make sure you use exactly the same uppercase and lowercase letters.

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You can order the course directly and after receiving the payment you can start immediately. Make sure that you state the names, email addresses and birth dates of all course participants in the order field of the order.

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Demonstrably trained as an internal auditor

Auditing seems so easy. You start a conversation with someone, make the conversation a few minutes and that was it. But is that actually what we should expect from it: your discussion partner, your colleagues and the organization? Nobody can benefit from a...